The Pitch

You may be wondering why I have the next step in the process as the pitch. Once you get that elusive idea you might want to go right into the writing. What works for me (and it might not work for you) is to come up with the pitch next. The logline, the three line pitch, the blurb. Those are three different things, too, by the way.

So why work on those first instead of the plotting or writing? Because boiling your idea down to a concise logline or three line pitch helps you stay focused. There are a lot of places out there to learn about them. And Let's Talk Writing offers a logline workshop.

Where to start

Writing Loglines that Sell
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The Penguin Blog: How to write a blurb
Writing the Back Cover Blurb

A three line pitch is just that. Three sentences that desscribe your story. So once you have the logline, the three line pitch and the blurb check out The Writing for tips on plotting and craft.