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So you've discovered the voices in your head are characters demanding to have their stories told. Good news is you won't need medication to stop the voices.  The bad news is getting their stories on paper isn't as easy as it sounds.   In the following pages you'll find advice, sample  queries, links for research and links to resources writers can use to improve their craft and sell their books. Published and unpublished have something to teach. I've learned most of what I know from other writers. Who knew there was such a thing as a good rejection?

Browse through the site.  Check out the research links and resources sections.  See the samples section for some really bad and not so bad examples of query letters.  In the mood for a workshop? Check out the workshops page for classes offered through Let's Talk Writing. I hope to update this site regularly so if you have any writing related news or advice please email me so I can inlcude it. All articles/advice will be credited to the author.

Let's get started! Check out The Spark to get ideas for movies, novels, short stories.

Happy writing.